About ExperQuiz
ExperQuiz is a wholesome and efficient application which portrays skills evaluation platform for individuals and enterprises to go with assessment and management of knowledge. It shares on quick and simple design of questionnaires, with attached course materials aiding in self tests & also in course of training sessions.
Project Description
ExperQuiz had no appropriate testing resource that time and hence We were ordered to create a new automation test suite.
What We Have Done
Our Engineers analyzed and meticulously reviewed ExperQuiz’s functional requirements, user comments, technical specifications to recommend process improvements.We inspected user interface and functional testing for each successive module manually. Prior to Automation testing, Our Engineers worked with the ExpertQuiz Organizer to ensure all collected requirements and execution plans meet his needs and expectations.
Hence We set up an apt Test Environment created with selenium webdriver – Python scripts and We still continue to serve ExperQuiz delivering a high quality performance with our dedicated team.