Selenium Testing:

Selenium is the most widely-used open source test automation solution for automating web application testing.Eminence, use Selenium as a tool of choice for automating web application testing, for performing regression automation and to develop and maintain automated test suites. Eminence provides an end to end solution, starting from script development to continuous integration with Jenkins, Bamboo or TeamCity.We write an automated test in selenium with Java, C#, Python, Ruby, WebdriverJs, WebdriverIo.The programming languages are not a barrier for us to develop an automation script.

We help to create a test automation framework with selenium based on the application and the functionality.We have developed the customized framework that suits any application testing.Our framework seamlessly work in Windows, Linux, Mac and in modern browsers.The cross-browser testing can be performed easily by selenium automation framework

Our process:

  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Automation scenario identification
  • Test Scripting
  • Execution
  • Continous integration
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Eminence Selenium Automation Framework Features:

Hybrid framework

We combine data-driven and keyword driven concept with testing frameworks like TestNG, Cucumber, behave,
Nunit,Specflow,Pyunit,Robot framework,PHPUnit,Mocha,Jasmine..


We have the plug and play framework that supports TDD and BDD.

Effective Logging

Our customized HTML reports are fit to any programming languages and give a clear picture of
automated test results.


We ensure the automated scripts are running locally and in CI server.We are executing the scripts in cloud services like saucelabs, Browserstack and google cloud.


Our framework gives less maintenance work, change at one place and reflects at many places.

  • Testing Frameworks
  • Build Tools
  • Test Execution
  • Continues Integration In