functional testing

Functional testing is a type of software testing intended to assure the quality of software applications (web or mobile) that check all the functions of that applications are operating well or not. In this testing, every component of the system is tested using appropriate inputs, verifying the outputs and compares the real outcome with the expected results.

Eminence Technology solutions offer functional testing

Manual & Automated Testing

Regression Testing

System Integration Testing

Smoke Testing

Database Testing

Beta or Usability Testing

Why Functional Testing @ TETS?

  • Applying an effective Black box testing techniques that help to identify the bugs as well as the performance of the system
  • Writing effective test cases to find the defects promptly
  • Providing valuable feedback to the developers whenever necessary and we guide them to improve the applications
  • Ability to predict significant test metrics
  • Clean and clear status reporting
  • Following Waterfall and Agile testing.
  • Test automation for Web, Mobile, APIs, Security testing
  • Our testers are available with extended technical knowledge to do both manual and automation testing
  • Experience on Functional testing across different domains such as Healthcare, e-commerce, manufacturing, logistics, telecom, and so on
  • ERP/CRM products testing

Our Unique approaches

Bug Bash Contest

We are conducting a contest to explore more bugs.

Peer Review And 3rd Eye Testing

Test engineers to test other functionalities other than what they tested

Adhoc Testing With New Testers

On a need basis, we allow other test engineers to test the product, so that possible to explore more defects as an end-user.