Continuous Integration (CI)

We execute Continuous integration (CI) Technique, automating the build and testing of code every time we commit changes to version control phase. Hence, our Test engineers share their code and unit tests by merging their changes into a shared version control repository after every small task completion in which isolated changes are immediately tested and reported on whenever they are added to a larger code base.

Our ultimate goal is to provide quick feedback so that if a bug is detected into the code base, it can be identified and corrected as soon as possible. Thus, CI software tools are executed to automate testing and build a document stream.

We always keep our master branch clear. Our Test Engineers elevate modern version control systems such as Git to enhance short-lived feature branches to isolate their work & to submit ‘pull requests’ whenever the feature is covered. Resulting, the changes get merged to the master branch. Repeating this procedure, they establish branch policies to ensure the master branch meets all desired quality criteria.