The Eminence Technology Solutions

Is a pioneer in Madurai & has been instrumental in bringing technologies to Success stories. We are well equipped to partner with Software organizations with constant re-engineering and being responsive to a variety of client needs.

Qualified Team

Our testers will use different methodologies to find the defects.

High End Service

Our team will support from requirement analysis to UAT.


We use and adapt a new technologies to test the software.

About TETS

The Eminence Technology Solutions (TETS), is a Software Testing services company focusing on end to end solutions to provide quality software to the clients. Our company is located in the temple city of Madurai, TamilNadu. We have been in business success through the years, and our clients know they can trust us for quality work and excellent support. Your goals are first to us, and we work with you to fulfill your every need.

Industries We Serve

Learning Management

The learning management system concept came from e- Learning. This is allowing to develop, design, and deliver the training programs faster and more effectively. Mostly this LMS offering a course library, content management system, user management, and authoring tools. They also automate most of the manual work when planning and executing training programs, such as user enrollment and training trackers.   The learning management is available some variety of form like cloud-based, self-hosted, desktop application, mobile application. we ensure you the better learning experience with our QA services


Logistics is kind of the process of managing supplies, transported, stored and received. This logistics management try to transportation to deliver the goods on time and in good shape. Logistics also referred the maximize customer satisfaction. At the same time technology also continues to transform our world, its influence on the logistics industry will only become greater, prompting a shift in how companies quickly and efficiently deliver their products to consumers. Our QA services help you to get the 100% customer satisfaction and moreover your application easy to use

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are products or services that meet human needs. Consumer industrial products, which are materials and services used to operate a business. In the process final stage is supply the things to customer through retailers or e-commerce sites.


Banking, financial services and Insurance (BFSI) is the part of company and provide the financial supports and services. Commonly the term where provide by all brand of banking. The BFSI is one of the most important and fastest growing thing in Indian economy. All the companies are like (IT, commerce company, industries, institution) depend the BFSI. For the better banking and fast response of the application we must ensure the Quality. we will ensure your product quality with our valuable QA services

TETS - We're Here to Help

The Eminence Technology Solutions

Manual Testing

We execute tests manually to find defects without the usage of tools or automation scripting.

Test Automation

Automated testing made effective with best software tools which execute automatically with appropriate test scripts.

Performance Testing

We check software performance under an investigation for effectiveness, reliability, scalability & interoperability.

Security Testing

We check software performance under an investigation for effectiveness, reliability, scalability & interoperability.

Blogs & Articles

Application testing
Software testing is a broad spectrum of processes to verify, substantiate, and certify that software or an application meets the technical and user requirements.
An application programming interface, or API, is a tool used to integrate the system. You can use APIs to make data available for other systems or accept data from other systems. This is how different devices interact with each other to share data and information.
Test Automation or automated testing is a software testing technique that is used to test and compare the actual results against the expected results with the help of specialized tools. It is basically a quality assurance measure. However, its activities involve the entire software team’s commitment, not just the quality assurance team.
Mobile testing, or mobile app testing, is the technique of running tests against an app to check its functionality and usability. It is done to ensure that the application meets the requirements and is ready to launch.
Playwright is comparatively the latest, fast and reliable open-source end-to-end Cross Browser Automation tool created by Microsoft. It was first released in January 2020 as a JavaScript-based Library. After its initial release, it started to get popularity steadily because of its modern approach. Now it expanded to support Python, Java, .NET.